All you need to know about the birth certificate process in India

The current process for getting a birth certificate is quite simple. Most parents do not have to do much since the hospital handles the entire thing themselves. There are a couple of documents that they have to submit, but they receive a specific number of days to get those and hand them in. In the case that the hospital or medical practitioner did not handle this, there is an online process to apply for a birth certificate. The website has been a blessing for people since most new parents will struggle to adjust to the fact that they have a new child in the house and cannot keep making multiple trips to the Registrar’s office.

What are the benefits of using the birth certificate website?

Other than assisting with the registration of birth certificates, the website can do so much more. It allows people to apply for copies of their birth certificates if they lost theirs or need to make copies of them. Additionally, it allows people to make changes to the content of their birth certificate if there were errors or typos when they initially created the birth certificate.

Furthermore, there is information about the entire process, along with the forms and additional supporting documents mentioned on the website, so people can gather everything before they begin the process. Since they can handle uploading this information at their convenience and not during work hours, it makes the process easier still.

The website is fast and allows people to deal with all the services that could be handled at the Registrar for Births and Deaths without having to leave their homes. Overall, this is a big deal while the world is dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic with people trying their best to stay at home and not leave anyway.

What are the benefits of having a birth certificate?

There are multiple benefits of having a birth certificate and these are:

  • Getting admission to schools
  • Proving their age for employment.
  • Proving their age for marriage.
  • Establishing their parentage.
  • Establishing their age for enrollment in Electoral Rolls
  • Establishing their age for insurance purposes.
  • Registering in the National Population Register (NPR).

How to apply for a birth certificate when handling the process offline?

  • Forms to register for a birth certificate are available at the offices of the respective Registrars. Furthermore, when children are born in hospitals, these application forms are provided by the Medical Officer Incharge.
  • Whether parents received the application forms through the Registrar or hospital, it has to be filled and submitted to the Registrar. They have to submit a couple of documents like the birth report by the hospital and proof of identity of the parents along with the form.
  • Once the documents are submitted, the registrar verifies the birth records, like the date, time, place of birth, the parent’s ID proof, nursing home etc.), and they issue the birth certificate to the applicant.
  • Under Section 14 of the Act, the parents can name the child after receiving the birth certificate. In these instances, the name can be entered by the concerned registration authority in a year, without being charged an additional amount.

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