All you need to know before passport renewal

Carrying or possessing a passport is a must when travelling abroad, as the Passport serves as one of the primary identification documents. Whether you go to any country with an ‘On arrival’ visa, or to the one where you have to apply for a visa beforehand, having a passport is the least you are asked for! Indian passports are valid for ten years, on completion of which comes the time for Passport renewal. So get your Passport renewed if the clock is ticking!

How to get your Passport renewed? 

You can get your Passport renewed in two types of applications: Normal or Tatkaal. You can even select the number of pages in your Passport from: 

1. 36 pages

2. 60 pages

Online: Gone are the days when you had to make an appointment with an agent who would get all your formalities done and charge reasonable fees. Thanks to the advancements in technology that you can save the agent fees and hustle and can easily book your appointment at your convenience. 

The passport renewal form can be filled online and submitted on the official website. All you have to do then is to visit the Passport office as per your appointment date and time, with the required documents.

Offline: Not a tech-savvy? No need to worry. You are in safe hands. You can easily visit your nearest Passport Seva Kendra in the city, and fill out your application form then and there.

Documents for Passport Renewal 

A passport is an official document that allows its holders international travels. According to The Passport Act, 1967, the Passport also proves the person’s national identity as an Indian citizen. The Passport contains essential details such as- full name of the individual, sex and age of the individual, country code, passport number, date and place of birth, time and place of issue etc. Once the process is completed, it takes approximately 30 days for receiving the renewed Passport. The Indian Passport has a validity of 10 years. Once the validity period expires, the Passport shall be replaced. 

Documents required for passport renewal 

Passport renewal is a simple process if followed carefully with accurate details. A list of essential documents required at the time of passport renewal is as follows – 

● The original Passport which has expired.  

● The print out of online application form which carries the Application Reference Number (APN).

● Residential proof that can be a gas bill, electricity bill, telephone or water bill.

● The ration card along with the mention of permanent address.

● A national identity card that can be a voter ID card or an Aadhar card.  

In case the permanent address has changed and is not the same as it was in the expired Passport, the applicant will have to submit a copy of the first page, last page and the ECNR page of the expired Passport, which is to be self-attested. Along with this, the applicant will have to submit a residential proof of the new address, which can be either of the options, as mentioned above.

Updated: July 20, 2020 — 7:38 am

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