Applying for an MOT registration

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, the UK Government declared that vehicle owners 

automatically receive an extension on their MOT status by six months, if it was due between the 

30th of March to the 31st of July. The MOT is a mandatory test that all people from the UK should 

be applying for and involves tests to make sure vehicles are safe, roadworthy and non-polluting. 

Generally, cars without an MOT licence or an expired one would have to pay an amount of £1000 

in fines. 

While the extension was a step in the right direction, the Government did make it a point to 

mention that vehicles that were plying, with or without their MOT certificate, had to be 

roadworthy. If cars were not matching up to this requirement, they would receive fines up to 

£2000. They also declared running vehicle garages as essential services and mentioned that 

people could get their vehicles checked at any of the garages, during the lockdown if they 

needed to. Even with the extension, however, almost 1.6 million cars were registered in June. 

What is the process of getting an MOT test done? 

With the extension officially over on the 31st of July, people have to get back to registering their 

vehicles. With the Coronavirus, people are allowed to check MOT online and understand the 

status of their cars based on their previous results and the work history. Online work histories 

included everything done to the vehicle since 2005. The online service assisted with reducing 

the queues at the MOT garages since people could register and show up on the day to get the 

MOT test done. 

Car owners had to get their vehicles fixed based on this information and could then apply for the 

MOT test. Failing an MOT test meant that the vehicle was unroadworthy and could only ply after 

clearing the MOT test. While some MOT registered garages handled the repair work as well, 

people could repair their cars wherever they wanted. Even people with the virus could book MOT 

online and have someone come to their house and collect their vehicle. These representatives of 

the garage would conduct the tests, and bring it back after they finished. 

The tests involved everything from going the fluid levels in the engines and coolant levels to 

making sure there was proper air in the tires. They also had to make sure the lights were working, 

and the windscreen was clear. They could not leave out the brakes, airbags, doors, and seatbelts. 

If all the tests went well, the vehicle owner would receive an MOT certificate that they would have 

to carry in their vehicle. 

Did you have to get an MOT renewed? 

The renewal of the MOT usually took about a month, so people had to start the renewal process 

a month before the expiration. Vehicle owners should check MOT to make sure there are no 

delays in the renewal because if there are, they would have a car without an MOT certificate for a 

few days and that could be an issue. 

Updated: August 11, 2020 — 12:55 pm

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