Borrowed features of Constitution of India

Notes for Borrowed Features of Constitution of India | Sources/ Salient features of Constitution of India

The Constitution of India is one of the important topics of Indian polity. And borrowed features of Constitution of India in indian polity section is major topic to be studied for any of the Competitive Exams. The competitive exams like SSC, UPSC, IAS, FCAT, Railway Exams, CDS, State Civil Services exams have major questioning done from this section of polity. The candidates preparing for the civil service exam and other exams as mentioned need to learn polity section necessarily as many questions are being asked from this section. The candidates often get confused in this section that which features and sources of Constitution of India are to be studied.

We are providing the candidates with handy, short and easy notes of Borrowed Features of constitution of India. The candidates who want to learn polity notes quickly should refer to this content. The major questions being asked in the exams are about the borrowed features that from which constitution which rule was taken or borrowed. So candidates majorly need to learn these features for exams. The candidates preparing for exams like SSC, UPSC, IAS, FCAT, Railway Exams, CDS, State Civil Services will find it of great help, we have tried to make things easier for the candidates preparing for the competitive exams. Hope this may help you all. Please refer below content for the notes. The major things to learn are which feature is taken from which constitution and which falls under which. So detailed version of these notes is given as follow:

Most Important Notes for Borrowed Features of Constitution of India:

The Indian Constitution was borrowed from many sources. The details are as given below.

The first one is Government of India Act 1935 (GOI):
It is the major source of the Indian Constitution. The constitution of India has following features under this Act.

  • Federal Scheme
  • Office of Governor
  • Public service Commission

Features from U.K. in COI (Constitution of India):

  • Nominal Head- President (just as queen)
  • Cabinet system of Ministers
  • Post of PM (Prime Minister)
  • Parliamentary Type of Government
  • Bicameral Parliament
  • Lower House more powerful
  • Council of Ministers Responsible to Lower House
  • Speaker in the Lok sabha
  • Single citizenship

Features from U.S. in COI (Constitution of India):

  • Written Constitution
  • Executive head of State known as President and his being the supreme commander of the Armed forces
  • Vice-President as the ex-officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Supreme Court
  • Provision of states
  • Independence of Judiciary and Judicial review
  • Preamble
  • Removal of Supreme court and High court Judges

Features from USSR in COI (Constitution of India):

  • Fundamental Duties
  • Five year Plan

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Features from Australia in COI (Constitution of India):

  • Concurrent List
  • Language of the Preamble
  • Provision regarding trade, commerce and intercourse

Features from Japan in COI (Constitution of India):

  • Law on which the supreme court function

Features from Germany in COI (Constitution of India):

  • Suspension of Fundamental Rights during the emergency

Features from South Africa in COI (Constitution of India):

  • Procedure of Constitutional Amendments

Features from Canada in COI (Constitution of India):

  • Scheme of federation with a strong centre
  • Distribution of powers between centre and the states and placing. Residuary Powers with the Center.

Features from Ireland in COI (Constitution of India):

  • Concept of DPSP/ Directive Principles of State Policy. (Ireland borrowed it from spain)
  • Method of election of the President
  • Nomination of members in the Rajya Sabha by the President

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