Build Your Own Android iPhone Mobile Apps & Earn Money

Build Your Own Android iPhone Mobile Apps | Create a Mobile App in Minutes | Build Audience| Earn Money by Publishing your Apps on Google Playstore or Apple iTunes:

You might be thinking that Only Experienced Developers can create Mobile Applications but it is not true. If you want, you can easily build your own Android iPhone apps. For this you don’t need to require High Technical Skills. There are many platforms available for building mobile apps and these platforms will offers wide variety of App building options. Developing apps is quite a profitable business as the number of mobile users are rapidly increasing day by day. So there is great opportunity to earn money by developing your mobile apps and publishing your apps in App Market like Google Playstore or Apple iTunes. Still thinking on how to earn money, let me tell you an example, suppose you create a android mobile app and publish it on Android Market like playstore as a paid app with just $1 or Rs. 50 as purchase fee for single download. Now think even if only 100 people download your app, how much you can earn money. This is a case of only 1 app, if 1 app can bring this amount of money, just think how much you can earn money. So here is the list of Apps Maker Platform with which you can easily build your own android iPhone mobile apps within minutes.

  1. BuildFire

    BuildFire provides you the facility to build your Android iPhone app for small business, blogs, websites etc. At BuildFire you get 2 options to build your app. First option is that you can build a Mobile App yourself. And second option is preferred for people who don’t want to make app themselves. So for them the App Developers of BuildFire will build a Android iPhone App free for you. If you want to make a app yourself, then you can use the click and edit dashboard of buildfire. In this platform you don’t need to learn any coding for building your apps. Even if you have a zero technology skill, then also you are able to build a High Quality App in just minutes. Here Changing Design, Layout, Colors, Content is quite easy and comfortable. If you want to build your app with the help of the developers of Buildfire, you need to provide them the Address (URL) of your website, blog etc. The features offered by Buildfire are also quite friendly. The various features offered are Notifications, Calendar Integration, video streaming etc. However you can use it free only for HTML 5 Web app. You need to purchase a premium plan for making apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

  2. provides Cloud Based Mobile App Builder. You can use this platform for making apps for Android, IOS & Windows Platform. As this Platform runs on Cloud, So there is no need to install or download software for it. So here you can create your app in an easy way. For creating a user interface you can use a visual editor. If a need arise to save data for app, you have the option to store it on cloud. If you want then you can also use Appery plug-in your app or you can yourself create your own plug-in. This Platform offers plans ranging from free to premium for making apps.

  3. Mobile Roadie

    Mobile Roadie is an app creator platform where anyone can create and manage an IOS or Android App. This platform supports many keywords like RSS, Twitter, Google News etc. You can see a free live preview of your app through Mobile Roadie Connect Feature. The content in App can be brought directly to Website or Blog. You can put content in various formats like XML, JSON, PHP, HTML etc. At this platform you can yourself create a design of your mobile app. However the process of app building here is paid in nature.

  4. TheAppBuilder

    With the help of TheAppBuilder you can build your app in 2 possible ways. You can either build your app with the help of online toolkit available or you can build your app the help of AppBuilder. The process of updating the content of app here is quite easy. It can be updated and published on different mobile platforms with the help of just one single click. This platform supports iPhone, iPad and Android. Updated content of the app becomes live in just 60 seconds.

  5. Good Barber

    Good Barber provides facilities for making apps for iPhone and Android. Here you can create a mobile app without any coding. There are many customization design templates available for creating apps. In Addition to this there is wide variety of Beautiful icons and Google Fonts available at this platform. Here a web mobile version is also available for app. Here you can easily organize your app. Options are available for making different sections for Videos, Photographs, Sounds, Live Events etc.

  6. Appy Pie

    Appy Pie provides you DIY (Do it Yourself) Tool for creating Android iPhone apps. With the help of this tool you can create apps for windows, IOS, Android without any programming skills. You can even publish your apps on Google Playstore or Apple iTunes and earn money. There is no need to install or download software for it. You only need to drag n drop page for creating app. When you fully complete this process, you get a HTML-5 Based Hybrid App which will run on any platform. You can also integrate various features like Social Media Feeds, Blogs, Websites, Radio etc.