How to Apply for Senior Citizen Card Online in India?

Nobody wants to grow old because as the age number increases, our body starts giving up. When you enter the 50s, no matter how much you take a balanced diet or do exercise, your body started declining. You need medical treatment and checkups to be in a better state of health. For this, the Social Welfare Department has plans that make lives better. It comes up with a senior card for all the oldies. Now, let’s get information about what is this senior card.

Overview of Senior Citizen Card

This card act as a government proof of age. It provides so many facilities to their cardholders. Older people have the right to lower taxes after ages 60 and 80. They can easily get the higher return and so much discounts.

What Criteria Apply to Get this Card ?

People over 60, living alone or with a spouse.

Document Required

A complete form of application

Current photo with full-face without any hat. (Note: size about 38 x 50 mm and with the name written on back).

HK Smart Identity Card

Most Important Benefits of Senior Identity Card

There are so many benefits mentioned below:

30% railway discount for people over 60

Banks provide an additional percentage of 0.5% to 60 years of age.

If you are 65-years old and unable to pay rent, please know that M.T.N.L provides 25% discount on monthly rent.

All the pensioners are helped with Income tax benefits.

30% discount at several private hospitals at least 60 years old.

They can get discount of Airline tickets.

How to Apply Senior Citizen Card Online ?

Please follow the given steps:

Click on Login button or create a new account.

Login to your account and a window will appears.

Visit the Revenue Department and tap on it. After that, tap on Senior Citizen certificate.

Enter all the details like name of husband, district name, etc. Next, you will get an application form at other window.

Tap on Submit button.

Now, you need to upload a passport size photo in the new window.

Please upload the required documents.

It will ask to for a payment. Choose the payment method as per the need and submit the payment details.

At last, please download a soft copy of your senior citizen certificate.

That’s it. By following the above steps, uses can easily get this card online.

What is the Validity of this Card ?

This card has no expire validity. Also, issue of the first Senior Citizen card is free.

Process Time

Application by Mail: The card will be issued to the applicant by mail within 7 business days after receipt of the application (or after the date on which the applicant is entitled, depending on which date comes later).

Apply in Person: The application can be processed on the same day, and the card can be issued immediately.

Online Application: The card will be issued to the applicant by mail within 7 business days after receipt of the application.

Final Words

Here, we have explained the step by step process to apply for a Senior Citizen Card. Also, described the most benefits of getting Senior Identity card.

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