How to begin your truck driving career successfully in 2022?

Do you want to find your next job that offers long-term stability and growth? Do you enjoy traveling for work while also having a lot of freedom? Is this something you would like to pursue?

Truck Driving Career

Your very first step to finding your passion is to choose a career as a professional truck driver. Trying to sort out how to make the career move is challenging when you discover this career path. These are four facts about regional trucking jobs and four steps to becoming a driver.

You should fully understand what a driving career entails before applying for a CDL license. Check out these four facts. Trucking jobs come in a variety of forms.

1. Types of trucking jobs

Dry Van Drivers

You see large single-trailer vehicles filled with dry goods and non-perishable items transported by dry van drivers.

Flatbed Drivers

A flatbed truck is positioned differently than a trailer, and goods must also be secured differently. A higher pay level is usually associated with this job since you need to know what you are transporting and be educated on how to tie down goods.

Tanker Drivers

In an emergency, drivers of tanker trucks must be prepared to react quickly. Your trucking company or client may need you to transport hazardous or non-hazardous liquids for this type of job.

Refrigerated Freight Drivers

Temperature control is important when transporting goods via truck. Food, body parts, medical goods, and food products are included. Drivers of refrigerated trucks, also called reefer drivers, must know how to set the temperature on the truck, check it regularly, and store the items properly to maintain optimal refrigeration and temperature.

Freight Haulers

Transporters of freight typically transport goods other than dry vans. Your job entails transporting oversized, liquid, or hazardous goods.

LTL Freight Drivers

“LTL” stands for “less than truckload.” An LTL driver delivers smaller shipments. The distances they drive and the number of stops they make each day may be shorter. They often unload their trucks themselves.

Local/Regional/OTR Drivers

According to these job titles, you drive a long distance for your job. A local job requires you to remain within your city, while a regional job may require traveling around your state. Overnight truck drivers may travel anywhere.

2. Truckers often sleep in their sleeper trucks

Like those from Chief Carriers, sleeper trucks have twin beds in the back of cabs so drivers can sleep wherever they want. It operates Cascadia Freightliners and 567 and 579 Peterbilts. They are outfitted for:

-Up to 26″ TV

-Microwave cabinet with straps

-Fridge/freezer installed from the factory

3. The average truck driver earns about $80k per year

Others are paid by the mile, while others are paid by the hour. It is most common for drivers to be paid by the hour, mile, or percentage of the load. Chief Carriers drivers earn an average of over $80,000.A driver’s pay can also be affected by whether they use a company truck or own their own. How long drivers spend time on the road and what routes they are open to driving can also contribute to their yearly earnings.

4. Truckers are limited to how much driving they can do during one stretch

The maximum drive time for a trucker during 14 hours is 11 hours, followed by 10 hours of rest. Any work begins within the 14-hour window, even if you are not driving.

Updated: May 30, 2022 — 3:24 pm

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