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Learn easy and Important Marketing Questions for Competitive exams | Marketing aptitude / Important Marketing questions for Bank exams

The Candidates preparing for different government sector exams searching for important marketing questions / Marketing aptitude their search is over. As we are providing you with the most Important Marketing questions for SBI PO, SBI Clerk Exam, IBPS Bank Exams like Clerk, PO and for Specialist Officer Exam. These Marketing Questions will surely help you crack the Bank exams, and master Marketing Aptitude. The bold letter words are the answers for the important marketing questions.
Different Important marketing Questions are being given below, candidates are suggested to read and learn them all for better scoring in this section.

Important MARKETING Questions

Q    “Marketing is the delivery of a standard of living.”

    (1) B. O. wheeler    (2) P F Drucker        (3) Paul Mazur        (4) E W Cundiff        (5) None

Q    Marketing comprises

    (1) Buying            (2) Selling                (3) Manufacturing

(4) Processing            (5) Both Buying and Selling activities

Q    Marketing consists of those efforts which affect transfer in the ownership of goods and services and provide for their

    (1) Promotion            (2) Investment                (3) Purchasing

    (4) Physical Distribution    (5) Introduction

Q    Social Marketing approach is based on

    (1) System of business activity        (2) Marketing is an art and science

    (3) Marketing is not only a sale        (4) Marketing is a process of utility creating    (5) All of these

Q    Which is merchandising activity of marketing?

    (1) Product Planning and development         (2) Standardization        (3) Grading

    (4) Purchasing                    (5) All of these

Q    Physical Distribution activity of marketing is

    (1) Storage        (2) Grading        (3) Selling        (4) Purchasing        (5) None

Q    Selling includes

    (1) Personal Selling    (2) Advertisement    (3) Buy Centre        (4) Demonstartion    (5) All of these

Q    Marketing concept is based on

    (1) Profit Goal                (2) Maximum Production        (3) Cost Centre

    (4) Assumption of socio economic satisfaction                    (5) Maximum Return

Q    Marketing concept involves

    (1) Customer Satisfaction        (2) More Production            (3) More Sales

    (4) No Profit No Loss            (5) None

Q    Who is the father of four P’s of Marketing?

    (1) Mc Carthy    (2) Lipson and Darling        (3) Albort W Frey    (4) Stanton    (5) P F Drucker

Q    Which is the element of four P’s of marketing?

    (1) Product         (2) Place            (3) Promotion        (4) Price    (5) All of these

Q    Which is the element of marketing Mix as per ‘Lazer and Kellay’?

    (1) Production and Service        (2) Distribution             (3) Communication

(4) All of these                (5) None

Q    Which is the element of marketing Mix as per ‘Lipson and Darling’?

    (1) Product         (2) Sell Condition    (3) Distribution        (4) Communication    (5) All of these

Q    Which is the variable of Price?

    (1) Level of Price    (2) Discount and Allowance    (3) Payment    (4) Condition        (5) All of these

Q    Which factors affecting marketing decisions?

    (1) Nature of Market            (2) Financial Planning            (3) Accounting System

    (4) Costing                (5) None

Q    Which is the theory of Buying behavior?

    (1) Economic Theory            (2) Psychological Theory        (3) Social Cultural Theory

    (4) All Of these            (5) None

Q    The factors affecting consumer behavior is/are

    (1) Needs        (2) Perception and Image    (3) Altitudes        (4) Motives    (5) All of these

Q    Which is the external factor of consumer behavior?

    (1) Life Style        (2) Culture            (3) Social Classes    (4) Group    (5) All of these

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Q    Buying motives are

    (1) Those influences the volume of production

    (2) Those influences the volume of consumer

    (3) Those influences or considerations which provide the impulse to buy, induce action or determine

     choice in the purchase of goods or services

    (4) Those influences the style of planning

    (5) None of these

Q    The primary buying motives are

    (1) Eating and drinking        (2) Safety        (3) Desire for the supremacy

    (4) Social Approval            (5) All of these

Q    The secondary buying motives are

    (1) Information about the product    (2) Quality        (3) Style    (4) Facility    (5) All of these

Q    Bargaining means

    (1) To reduce the quality        (2) To reduce the price        (3) To reduce the market

    (4) To reduce the product        (5) Motives

Q    Which is the element of “Buying Behaviour of the Indian Consumer”?

    (1) Quality                 (2) Bargaining            (3) Complaining Attitudes

    (4) Brand Consciousness        (5) All of these

Q    All Indian consumer will buy to the product which is

    (1) Made in India    (2) Made in Japan    (3) Made in Mumbai    (4) Made in Delhi    (5) None

Q    Market segmentation is the strategy of

    (1) Dividing product according production style    (2) Dividing market plan according to the product

    (3) Dividing markets in order to conquer them    (4) Market Creating        (5) Market Merging

Q    Which is the cause of development of market segmentation?

    (1) Technological Development        (2) Self Service        (3) Quality of the product

    (4) Substitute Product                        (5) All of these

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Q    Who is ultimate consumer?

    (1) That person who consume the product        (2) Bank        (3) Retailer

(4) Wholesaler                (5) Industrial User

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