Important Organizations and Headquarters | List of International Organizations and their Headquarters

Easy way to learn Important Organizations and Headquarters | Learn Organizations Headquarters for competitive examinations

The candidates preparing for the competitive examinations like banks, SSC, UPSC, IAS, State govt jobs need to learn different sections as english, quantitative aptitude, reasoning, polity etc. The other main section where most candidates lack score is General Knowledge section, in this they ask different questions to check your awareness among your society and your general knowledge. In any of the competitive Examinations questions regarding the International Organizations and their Headquarters are always asked. And candidates always lack in remembering the Important Organizations and Headquarters, So here we are providing you some tricks to remember the Important Organizations and Headquarters and it will surely help you in getting full marks in the headquarters being asked to you (about organizations).

Important Organizations Headquarters
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Tricks to Remember Important Organizations and Headquarters:

Trick 1: So candidates should know the organizations starting with “WORLD” or “International” and ending with “ORGANIZATION” their Headquarters mostly will be in GENEVA, Switzerland.

  1. World Health Organization (WHO)
  2. World Intellectual Property Organization
  3. (WTO) World Trade Organization
  4. World Meteorological Organization
  5. International Labour Organization

    But Except (IMO) and International Committee for Red cross Organization.

Trick 2: the Organizations which have their Headquarters in London can be remembered through the nimonic “I am common” it will be more clear by giving you the organizations as well, so here it is read:

  1. (IMO)/ International Maritime Organization – I – LONDON
  2. Amnesty International – AM – LONDON
  3. Commonwealth of Nations – COMMON – LONDON
  4. Commonwealth Telecommunication Organization – COMMON – LONDON

Trick 3: The organizations related to money are mostly in Washington DC.

  1. International Monetary Fund
  2. World Bank

Trick 4: If the organization id related to development/ Petrol/ atomic then their headquarter is in Vienna, Austria

  1. United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
  2. International Atomic Energy Agency
  3. Organization of the Petroleum Exporting countries

Trick 5: the organization name has children, population, women—New York

  1. (UNICEF) United Nations Children Emergency Fund
  2. (UNFPA) United Nations Population Fund
  3. UN Women
  4. UNO/ United Nations Organization

Trick 6: The organizations’ name has educational and Economic in it. The headquarter is in – Paris

  1. (UNESCO) United Nations educational Scientific and cultural Organization
  2. (OECD) Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
  3. (ICOMOS) International Council on monuments and Sites

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Other List of International Organizations and their Headquarters

The other important which are easy to remember are as given below, mostly questions are raised from above section but you never know the questions can be asked from these organizations too, so please read and learn these too. So the list of other important International Organizations and their Headquarters is as given:

  1. ADB/ Asian Development Bank: MANILA (MAN), Philippines – The Trick is—ASIAN MAN
  2. Association of South East Nations [ASEAN]—JAKARTA, Indonesia (can be learnt as playing cards has card ace as in ase and jak as in Jack)
  3. FOOD Agriculture Organization – Rome, ITALY the trick will be– ( Pizza FOOD ITALY)
  4. International Court of Justice—the Hague, Netherlands
  5. SAARC/ South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation: Kathmandu, Nepal
  6. ICC/ International Cricket Council—DUBAI
  7. NATO- Brussels
  8. Organization of Islamic Cooperation : Jeddah
  9. International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF): Monaco
  10. Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC): Singapore


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