Indane gas and how to apply for getting a new gas connection?

Out of the many LPG providers, Indane is considered to be one of the largest LPG providers in India. It is easily accessible to all its customers and is known to actively take part in various government-related plans. The Indane gas association also provides sponsored new gas connection to many individuals.

Achievements and other features of the Indane gas association 

  • Indane is known to provide LPG gas cylinders for domestic as well as corporate households.
  • The legislature of the Indian constitution is known to maintain and foresee all the records and services provided by the Indane gas association.
  • For the domestic purpose, the Indane gas cylinder is about 14.2 Kg.
  • Other than residential household, the corporate sector related LPG gas cylinders provided by Indane weigh about 19-47 Kg.

How to apply online for Indane gas connection?

  • The customer if applying for the first time, needs to register their mobile number to create an account.
  • Once registered, the customer can log in entering their customer ID and password.
  • Details such as the name of the customer, email ID, Indane gas distributor’s name and address and other important details.
  • Once all the details are entered, click on submit and proceed further.
  • Verification will be sent to the registered mobile number of the customer.

How to apply via SMS service?

In order to book a new gas connection or a refill for Indane gas connection, an SMS option is also available for the customers.

  • For the customers who are using the SMS method for the first time, they should send an SMS to their state’s IVRS number by typing -IOC along with the customer ID number.
  • Once registered, the customer will receive verification on their mobile number and can check for updates by the same SMS service.
  • This ID can be utilized for every single future booking and the charge demanded, can be paid by using the web-based check card, net banking, or e-wallet.

How to check the Indane gas booking status?

The customer can check the status of their Indane gas booking for a refill or a new gas connection by various methods such as – IVRS, SMS, online method etc. For checking the status online, these are some guidelines to be followed –

  • Visit the official website of Indane gas.
  • Enter the Customer Id and password and log in to the account.
  • Click on the ‘view order history’ option to check the details and track the request.
  • This will provide the customer with all the necessary updates on how long will it take for their request to be completed.

Some facts about Indane Gas –

  • Indane is said to supply LPG gas to over 11 crore households in India.
  • It has approximately 91 bottling plants countrywide and claims to supply over 2 million cylinders on a daily basis.
  • Recently, the association has also launched the mobile app for making new gas connections and booking refill for LPG cylinders that has benefited many of its customers.

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