Is the Amazon Vine Program Worth it in 2021?

The Amazon Vine program is a review incentive that includes a handpicked group of reviewers reviewing new products through the Amazon platform. This product can be selected by a group of pre-selected reviewers (called Vine Voices) who make an honest evaluation of this product. In exchange for ratings, they receive products for free.

According to the Amazon Agency themselves, Amazon Vine is basically an invitation to highly trusted and authentic reviewers on Amazon so that they can publish their opinions on new articles and items before they can help their fellow customers make informed purchasing decisions. Invites to become a Vine Voice based on rankings. It reflects the quality and usefulness of their reviews, as decided by other Amazon users. “

This special program is only available to vendors who meet certain standards.

Which sellers can benefit from this service?

Branded new sellers having a limited number of reviews, a brand and trademark registered on Amazon and those who are looking to improve the visibility of their products can benefit from this service.

Advantages of Getting into Amazon Vine Program:

  • Increases your products’ ratings
  • High-quality reviews.
  • Reliable Reviews – Reviews are impartial, not manipulative, and buyers can rely on reviews, which increases sales.
  • Increases awareness of slow sellers or new products.
  • Increases your overall sales

The Pros of Amazon Vine:

For retailers, the main appeal of the Amazon Vine program is that it provides businesses with a relatively fast way to add product reviews to a list. Many companies choose to join Amazon Vine before launching a new product, so product reviews are on the list as long as the products available to consumers are available for purchase. Amazon Vine can also provide a helpful injection of product reviews to help drive sales for product listings that are stalled or are falling short of expected sales results.

Another advantage of Amazon Vine is that reviews carry a bit more weight in the eyes of potential users, as users who participate in VineVoices are seen as “expert” reviewers. Users participating in Vine Voices have a special badge along with their username that identifies them as Bell Reviewers.

The Cons of Amazon Vine Program:

There are some major flaws in today’s Amazon Vine program. Obviously, the first downside is the price – due to the nature of the program payroll and the high fees per ASIN, Amazon Bell is not really a viable option for small businesses that do not have large sums of money to invest in marketing. Is. Because Amazon limits the number of free units that a company can provide in exchange for reviews, the price paid for each review can be incredibly high.

Another major disadvantage of the Amazon Vine program is that it is only accessible through Vendor Central. Companies participating in Seller Central do not have access to the Bell program. In many cases, moving to Vendor Central may not make sense to these companies for a variety of reasons.

In short, Amazon Bell is really the only viable option for companies that are already using Vendor Central and have significant marketing budgets.

Points You Should Know Before You Join Amazon Vine Program:

As with any other service and/or programs, it is best to know the complete ins and outs of it before signing up or joining.

Fees for Amazon Vine:

In the past, Amazon sellers charged a per ASIN fee to participate in Amazon Vine – and it’s not cheap. Prices vary depending on the product and price, but fees can run into the thousands of dollars.

Fees are non-refundable – even if you only get bad reviews from Vine Sound. Cost alone is a great reason to seriously consider joining the program.

Currently, some sellers have tested Amazon Vine and found that there is no charge for the first 5 product ASINs you register. Prices are subject to change so don’t miss out!

Major Restrictions in Amazon Vines:

In the interests of fairness, Amazon limits the number of products that a brand can submit to Vine Voices for review.

Depending on the product category, brands expect to send between 10 and 100 product reviewers. This should also be kept in mind, as they should be sent to free inspectors.

Extent of Amazon Vine’s Benefit(s) to the Sellers:

Amazon Vine can help you get reviews of high-quality products. Potential buyers will benefit from Vine Voice reviews, increasing the conversion rate of your list, especially if you are planning to launch a new product.

However, you should note that Amazon Vine’s high price tag means that brands need to weigh the value of these reviews over the price, including the ones you get in submitting free products to reviewers. Including losses.

Best Alternatives to Amazon Vines:

If we have disturbed your mind a little bit about Amazon Vine, then don’t worry as we also have some great alternatives to Amazon Vine.

Amazon Early Reviewer Program:

Individuals with an Amazon Branded Registration Account can use the Amazon Early Reviewer Program as a seller.

This program allows the seller to submit a product SQ, which Amazon will send to a pre-approved review.

The seller’s fee is 60 SKU per SK, the bill is paid only after review or after 12 months.


Cashbackbase is primarily a discount website for Amazon products. Sellers can sign up for their product features as long as they are willing to offer featured products with discounts.

The website encourages shoppers to leave honest and valuable reviews to enhance the shopping experience.

So, sellers can also offer free items in exchange for customer reviews, provided they are neutral.


AMZDiscover is a dedicated website for Amazon sellers looking for product reviewers.

Online search engines enable sellers to find new customers and potential evaluators and access important customer information such as email addresses, social media accounts, and more.

The cost of information about each contact from the reviewer for this survey costs 0.1. It’s a low price so you can contact reviewers and promote new items.

This is a great way to re-target your prospects through email marketing.

Submitting reviews is an integral part of Amazon seller work. This is an inexpensive way to do it.

Final Thoughts

While there is no doubt that sellers can get high-

quality reviews through Amazon Bell, high price means only those who sell high priced, high priced products.

Sellers also need to keep in mind that negative and harmful reviews are possible.

In these cases, a seller may contact Amazon, but the review is unlikely to be removed unless it contains prohibited content.

Smaller businesses with cheaper products may find that they are not worth investing in. For more insights on business growth and expansions, visit Olifant Digital. Hope our article helped resolved your queries and ambiguities. 

Updated: April 11, 2021 — 10:16 am

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