Punjab GK Capsule PDF Download for All Punjab Govt. Exams

Download Punjab GK Capsule for Upcoming Punjab Government Exams | Punjab General Knowledge and Current Affairs PDF Download | General Awareness Objective Questions and Answers for Punjab GK
As we know that this year Government of Punjab is conducting big recruitment drives for various departments like PPSC, PSSSB, Punjab Local Government, Cooperative Bank etc. Many candidates are applying for various recruitment drives announced by the Punjab State Govt. As in many exams there is one section for General Knowledge especially for Punjab GK and Current Affairs. This section carries the more weight age of marks as compared to other sections like Quant, Reasoning, Language Proficiency in English and Punjabi, Computer Awareness etc. Candidates can also score good marks and cut off if they prepare well in the Punjab GK Section as this part can be prepared and answered easily without spending much time.

So here we will provide you the Special General Knowledge Capsule for upcoming Punjab Government Exams as the GK of Punjab is currently not available easily in the market. So our team is preparing and making special GK with the list of Most Important Objective Type Questions and Answers for the Punjab Exams. We will also recommend you the useful books which will help you to crack the various upcoming Punjab Government Examinations.
Download Basic GK About Punjab State for Punjab Government Jobs

Download PDF of Punjab GK Capsule Questions and Answers

We will provide you the most important Punjab GK Topics which are likely to be asked in the upcoming following exams:

  • GK for Punjab Cooperative Bank Exam
  • Punjab Local Government Exams General Knowledge
  • GK for Punjab Senior Assistant Exam
  • Punjab Panchayat Secretary Exam GK Capsule
  • Punjab PSSSB Excise and Taxation Exam for Inspector (Abkari) and Kanungo
  • PSSSB Canal Patwari Exam
  • GK for PPSC Naib Tehsildar Exam
  • Punjab GK for PPSC Cooperative Society Inspector, Section Officer and other posts
  • GK for Punjab SC Land Development Finance Exams
  • Punjab Markfed Exams
  • GK for Punjab Clerk Exams

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Most Important Topics for Punjab GK

  • Brief Description about Punjab – Geographical Area, Location, Climate, Cities/Towns, Literacy Rate, Religion and Language, Municipal Corporations, Parliamentary Constituencies with Legislatives, Local Bodies of Punjab, Banking. Districts etc.
  • Punjab Polls 2012
  • Punjab from Tourism point of view – Airports, Museums, Historic Sites, Pilgrimage Sites, Temples and Mosques, Festivals and Events, Nature and Wildlife, Forts, Monuments, Wetlands, Calendar of Events etc.
  • Chief Ministers of Punjab
  • Governors of Punjab
  • President Rule in Punjab
  • Punjab History
  • Language, literature, Theatre of Punjab
  • The Economy of Punjab
  • Life Sketches of the Ten Gurus
  • Guru Granth Sahib Introduction
  • Leading Newspapers
  • Great Scientists of Punjab
  • Great Painters of Punjab
  • Preparatory Objective Type Questions for Punjab GK

Best Books for Punjab GK Preparation

Mentioned below is the list of recommended books which can be followed for the preparation of upcoming govt. examinations

  • Sada Punjab
  • Punjab General Knowledge 2016 by Focus Publications
  • GK Capsules by CareerAfter.Com

Download GK Capsule for Punjab Government Exams

You can download the PDF file for the Most Important Punjab GK Questions. This is the first GK Capsule prepared by our team. We will be providing more study material for the preparation of Punjab Government Exams. You can also comment below and ask for any sort of material you need. We will try our best to provide that material to you as soon as possible.

Download Punjab General Knowledge Capsule

Other Recommended Study Material for Punjab Exams –

Important Current Affairs EBook Download

List of Important Days and Dates in a Year

Free Punjab Competitive Exam Books

Complete Study Material Package

>>Sada Punjab GK Book | Get From here Punjab GK Book<<


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