Scope of Cloud Computing – A secured future in Cloud Computing

Career Scope of Cloud Computing and Employment Opportunities

Scope of Cloud Computing
Career Scope of Cloud Computing- Better Employment Opportunities:-
Scope of Cloud Computing is a rising up field which will bring up a lot of job opportunities in coming days. Today the way in which IT sectors are adopting cloud computing can bring up a very bright career in this field. Cloud Computing is a popular new trend in technology sector. This technology is opening many career scopes. Besides this, it also helps people in managing internet data. Now the pooling of every service whether it is of computer or internet can be done directly through the servers attached to clouds. The users of Cloud Computing do not need any hardware or software. According to a recent survey, in India there may be more than 1 Lakh jobs available in the field of Cloud Computing by the year 2015.
What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud Computing is a internet based computing power that has a centralized based data storage referred as ‘Cloud’. Cloud computing is a term coined for anything that involves delivering hosted service over the Internet. User’s data, settings etc are stored on server which is referred as ‘Cloud’. Today Cloud computing is being used at a fast pace. Now companies are hiring hardware and software as per their need. For example, Suppose someone needs hardware, software and server for his 6 month project. Since purchasing all these things will cost him in lakhs of rupees but with using clouds these can be easily hired at a very low price for some scheduled time period.
Eligibility for getting job in Cloud Computing?
For making a career in this field, one must possess a degree in Computer Science or IT.
You can also do certification course . The certification courses dealing with Cloud Computing are IBM, NIIT, Aptech etc.
Cloud Computing Programs:
• IBM Certified Solution Advisor
• Cloud Computing Architecture
• IBM Certified Solution Architect
• Cloud Computing Infrastructure
• Certified Cloud Professionals etc
Better Scope of Cloud Computing and Opportunities
With Cloud Computing, you can also make a career in Big Data or Data Analytics. The main work of Big Data in companies is protection and analysis of data. Big Data and Data Analytics will also have its use in future in Business Forecasting. According to a recent survey, the business of Cloud Computing can reach more than 70 Billion Dollars by the year 2015. You can make a career in the field of Cloud Computing as :
Cloud Architect
Cloud Service Developer
Cloud Consultant
Cloud System Administrator
Cloud Project Manager etc
In this field you can easily get a starting salary package of 3-4 Lakh Annually.

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