Staffing For Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG): Working with The Pros

People go through certain products pretty quickly and while certain goods will last for a long time, others are made to be spent more quickly, which calls for replacements. The needs for replacements are to be fulfilled by those companies working in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry. Consumer packaged goods, as explained on this page, are those items that are used by the average person on a daily basis and that require continuous replacements or replenishment.

Running a company in the CPG world can be a highly lucrative option if you play your cards right. Not to mention that it will also be difficult, to one extent or another, depending on the types of products you are making and selling, as well as on the people working for you. The people working for you are actually the key, and I am guessing that you might have seen that statement coming. 

Your staff is what makes a difference between a successful company and a struggling one. Sure, there are a lot more factors that will play a role in that, but while some of those other factors can be juggled with, so to speak, ignoring your staffing needs is bound to lead to failure. You would think that having one or two people cover everything is enough, but that is just not the way things work here.

Hiring one or two people and having them cover everything, even though they lack expertise in certain aspects, will definitely come back to bite you. First off, you will get poor quality staff this way, and they will not be to complete many of the tasks that you’ll send their way. Secondly, in an effort to complete all the tasks even though that’s physically impossible, they’ll soon get to understand and feel on their own skin what work burnout is, and nobody has use of workers in burnout.

Speaking of, you may want to find some burnout prevention strategies: 

Anyhow, hiring great staff, and hiring enough people for that matter, is what will make you or break you. If your plan is to run a company for a couple of months, or even a year, only to quickly close it because you are unable to generate a profit and keep the firm alive, then you really do not need to worry about staffing. If, however, you have more long-term plans and you are doing this to succeed, then proper staffing should be your main task.

How To Find Great CPG Workers?

Great staffing is just like getting a pair of shoes. You see ones that you like, you try them on for size, and then you decide whether they are a good fit or not. Of course, it takes much less time to try on dozens of shoes than to try on dozens of workers. The danger also lies in the fact that you cannot tell how great someone will be at a specific role until you actually hire them and give them a chance. Chance by chance by chance, and you could find yourself constantly preoccupied with lousy workers who are draining you of energy and willingness to keep going.

The scenario above is one of those that you would not want to experience, am I right? Well, you cannot just wait for the right people to come knocking at your door and thus get the perfect CPG workers. While this would make everything smoother and more convenient, it is, at the same time, completely impossible. You are in charge of finding these people.

Doing so is sometimes quite difficult, and I get it. If your company is new and you have no hiring experience whatsoever, you will struggle with using the right channels and methods to search for the perfect people for those vacancies you have open. Well, you will need to be patient, and do your best to search for great candidates with the help of those Internet channels, post ads and go through bios, have extensive interviews, and then repeat the process. Leave no stone unturned and have patience. The right people are there – you just need to find them.

Why Hire A CPG Staffing Company?

What if I told you that I could make this entire process much easier? Instead of trying on dozens and dozens of shoes, you could have a few perfect fits sent your way, which will allow you to pick from the best. This may sound a bit unusual and too good to be true, but it is an actual possibility. You just need the right partner on your side.

To cut to the chase, you need a CPG staffing company. This is not an idea that just crossed my mind right now, the quality of which nobody has tested before. Quite on the contrary, people have been enjoying this option for an exceedingly long time, and there are great reasons why you should do it too. Staffing companies are like your personal shoe suppliers if you don’t mind me using this analogy again.

They take your staffing needs, turn them into real requirements, comb for the people that fit the requirements on every level and send them your way. They test for size before you even get to talk with the candidates. Working with these firms will save you time and resources, as well as nerves if we are being perfectly honest, and the best part is that you’ll get to have the perfect CPG staff on board.

How To Hire a Great One?

The above sounds pretty simple because it is. What can make the process difficult, though, is the fact that you will need to hire an amazing CPG staffing company when aiming at getting the best results and the best candidates. This will not be that difficult either if you spend some time researching the companies that you will find and if you ultimately choose the one that is highly experienced and reputable, and that has a proven track record. Thus, take your time and choose wisely.

Updated: March 9, 2023 — 5:31 am

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